Warp & Woof -
Woven Design

Warp & Woof, the name of our architecture office, is a metaphor that relates to the weaving process, where the 'woof' is woven through the 'warp'; the process of creating any type of cloth or fabric.

We like to compare this process of fabric formation with the process of creative design, where the 'warp' stand for the different conditions and constraints of every assignment, and the 'woof' stands for the design process that weaves these different aspects together.

For every project, we focus on the idea that all different aspects of architecture should be integrated into one strong and integral concept; a beautiful design; and ever-lasting building.

A notion of this idea of integrated design can be given by buildings that are strongly embedded into the existing urban fabric, or where the inside is blended with a matching landscape design. The user's desires are embodied in spatial designs that are provided with specific furniture elements, attuned to specific needs. On multiple levels, from small up to large projects, particular interest is given to the cultural and historical characteristics of a place, as well as to the ecological conditions, to make a design that can become perfectly sustainable. For now, but also for the future.


Two friends who became associates

bobby bol philip mannaerts warp and woof architecture

Philip Mannaerts

Architect & Historian

Bobby Bol-Verlaan



People who keep this boat afloat

  • Sanne Plomp

    3D visualization

  • Vera Franken

    Restoration Expert

  • Frank van Schadewijk

    3D visualization

  • Ruud Hilderink

    Technical Draftsman

  • Jan-Pieter Bos

    Project Architect

  • Jeroen Canton

    Industrial Designer
    Interior Design

  • Matthieu Maas

    Interior Designer
    Furniture Building

  • Peter Bedner

    Furniture Building


Our co-operative network


Tokens of appreciation

warp woof polaroid award
Polaroid Performance Center 2012
Winner - Second Prize
warp woof brussels courthouse contest
Brussels Courthouse Contest 2011
Winner - Third Prize
warp woof archiprix award
Archiprix 2011
warp woof gevel totaal 2008 award
Geveltotaal Architecture Awards 2008
2nd prize - Black Box
warp woof international bamboo building design award
International Bamboo Building Design Competition 2007
Honorable Mention - Fundamentum
warp woof stylos pavilion award
New Stylos Pavilion Design Competition 2006
Winner - Black Box
warp woof stylos pavilion award
Stylos Design Competition Phase One 2005
Winner - Black Box
warp woof stylos pavilion award
Stylos Design Competition Phase One 2005
Winner - Fundamentum